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The F Series is cost-effectively designed using threaded coupling interfaces and the plug utilities the center contacts of the cable rather than a separately applied pin. This series is specifically designed for use with NTSC TV Antenna applications.
Cable Assemblies CATV CIMs
Head End Equipment High Speed Cable Hybrid Fiber Coax
Set Top Boxes Modems Networks
Interface Mating Dimensions:

Interface Dimension in Millimeters
Male Female
mm mm
  Min. Max.   Min. Max.
A 0.76 0.86 A 1.12 1.24
B 7.00 nom B 5.00 nom
C 3/8-32-UNF-2B C 3/8-32-UNF-2A
D   14.96 D 0.00 0.20
E 5.72 7.11 E 2.00 2.60
F   7.29 F    
Technical Characteristics
Impedance 75 ohm
Frequency Range 0 - 1 GHz
Working Voltage 250 VRMS max.
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 500 VRMS
VSWR 1.35 max.
Contact Resistance Center Contact 5 Milliohm Max.
Outer Contact 1 Milliohm Max.
Insulator Resistance 1000 Mega ohms min.
Part Name Material Finish
Body, Metal Parts Brass or Zinc Alloy Nickel
Center Contacts Plug: Brass Gold
  Jack: Phosphor Bronze Gold
Insulator PTFE, Derlin, P.P. or PBT  
Crimp Ferrule Annealed Copper Nickel
Clamp Gaskets Silicone  
Mechanical & Environmental
Durability (Mating) 500 cycles min.
Temperature Range -40°C ~ 60 °C